BUCS American Football Playoff schedule announced

Another regular season of top British University football is over, but this is where the real fun starts. Such is the quality and standard of football being played the Championship playoffs have the top seven seeds unbeaten and the rest of the teams have just dropped one game all year.

Because of this a complex system of points conceded and scored against playoff teams as well as strength of schedule is put into place to determine the order in which teams finish. So from here on in the games should be very competitive, leading all the way to the final at Leeds’ John Charles Stadium on March 29th.

Teams just missing out on the top 16 in the country still have something to play for in the form of a Challenge Trophy playoff series. Swansea can count themselves unlucky as they are the only team in the Trophy that only lost one game this campaign.

The line up for the first set of playoff games set to play this weekend, March 8th/9th is below, with seeding in brackets.


(16) Hallam Warriors @ Stirling Clansmen (1)

(15) UWE Bullets @ Hertfordshire Hurricanes (2)

(14) Sunderland Spartans @ Brighton Tsunami (3)

(13) Cambridge Pythons @ Birmingham Lions (4)

(12) Loughborough Students @ Durham Saints (5)

(11) Derby Braves @ Imperial Immortals (6)

(10) Kingston Cougars @ Bath Killer Bees (7)

(9) Southampton Stags @ Sheffield Sabres (8)


(32) Newcastle Raiders @ Swansea Titans (17)

(31) UCLan Rams @ Portsmouth Destroyers (18)

(30) University of Nottingham @ Carnegie (19)

(29) Exeter Demons @ NTU Renegades (20)

(28) UEA Pirates @ RHUL Bears (21)

(27) Surrey Stingers @ Kent Falcons (22)

(26) Brunel Burners @ Glasgow Tigers (23)

(25) LJM Fury @ UH Sharks (24)

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