Newcastle Eagles swoop in to pick off Surrey United

It was two losses from two this weekend for Jack Majewski’s Surrey United – having gone down 48 hours earlier to the Plymouth Raiders in the BBL Cup, United faced a tougher challenge in Newcastle Eagles in the Championship.

Despite one of Surrey’s most efficient quarters of the season, Fab Flournoy had his men working relentlessly on the offensive end – which led to breaking the century mark, winning out 115-71.

A high scoring effort from Surrey, and a combination of this with better defence from some other games, it could have provided a closer game – however, there were strides of improvement today and something the fans could cheer for. Surrey’s Ceslovas Kucinskas  led the team again led all scorers (28 points), whilst for the Eagles it was American Scott Martin (25), and lightning guard Paul Gause (24) putting the points on the board.

Despite the scoreline, it was a much closer affair in the first quarter than would appear. A three pointer by Malik Cooke helped the visitors into a 12 point lead, a great effort for the table dwellers against a competitive North East side.

Fab’s men soon locked down on defence, forcing United into a scoring drought, but facing a deluge of points from the visitors. Surrey only managed to rack up 12 points, whilst the Eagles pushed for 27, as they took charge of the game.

A fast paced start after the break, and whilst the home side managed to increase their scoring output, Newcastle side did the same and notched a quarter high 38 points – more than what the South East club could do through two quarters.

Trailing by 47 points in the fourth quarter, it was but an effort to maintain pride for the fans. Jack Majewski’s side did peg the Eagles back but not enough to make a real dent as they fell by 44 points, 115-71.


Ceslovas Kucinskas, since his arrival, has been a stand-out player for United. His post presence and ability to step outside occasionally makes him a threat to any player. His rebounding nature on both ends of the floor is also good, and he uses his size well to screen his team-mate and set up opportunities. Unfortunately, he has been unable to lead his team to a first victory.

Next up

Surrey United away to Worcester Wolves, Friday 15th November, 7:30pm, University of Worcester Arena

Newcastle Eagles at home to Manchester Giants, Friday 15th November, 7:30pm, Sport Central

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