Lions welcome Wolves to the Copper Box

Tonight’s game at the Copper Box Arena between London Lions and Worcester Wolves has plenty left at stake for both sides in the BBL Championship.

Esh Group Eagles Newcastle should win the regular season title as they face the bottom two sides in the league this weekend, according to head coach of the Wolves, Paul James – but his team will be ready to pounce if they don’t.

“Newcastle can’t, well shouldn’t, lose the league from here,” James feels.
“They have had a couple of disappointments this season in the Cup and Trophy, but have done a great job in the league to win some crucial games, so hats off to them.

“All we can do is continue to try and win every game from here. For the Wolves organisation, this season has been one of epic magnitude, something that we have been building since my arrival.”

James believes his opposite number on Thursday, Vince Macaulay, is attempting to construct something similar in the capital and while things may not have always followed the blueprint this term, the play-off-bound Lions remain a real threat.

James added: “I think that London are a team in transition, getting used to a new home and what they can do in it.

“They have shown signs this season of being a very competitive team, but a few things have not worked out for them as they probably would have liked in the playing department.

“They are without question, a very dangerous team though and you have to prepare well for them.”

London Lions will also want to bounce back from their double defeat last weekend at the hands of Cheshire Phoenix, and will be buoyed by last night’s victory by Glasgow Rocks over the ‘Nix, whom they are fighting it out with for fifth and sixth place.

Lions coach Vince Macaulay is wary though of what the Wolves can do, and had plenty of praise for the BBL Trophy winners: “I think Worcester have been exceptional this season. I think Paul James recruited very well at the start and made the necessary adjustments after the season started.

“Their American players have been very good and raised the bar amongst the English players; hence they have won a trophy.”

Meanwhile Wolves centre Will Creekmore remarked: “With Newcastle having the head-to-head against us, it’s not looking good. Anything can happen, but right now we are just focused on winning games and taking care of our business.

“London is a physical, athletic team. It’s always a dog fight playing against them and we expect nothing different.”

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