Super Bowl Report – Thursday’s thoughts

As the week moves on and the over-greased wheels of the media machine start to slow (a fraction of the speed they were moving on Tuesday) the stories start to lean to more serious issues, and maybe a bit more grounded as to why we are all paying attention to this Sunday. With that in mind let’s pass over to a certain Seattle Seahawks cornerback.

Richard Sherman made a clear and simple note about PED use in today’s NFL.

Performance Enhancing Drugs have caused a stir in many major sports for many years now. The Seahawks are a team that has had to deal with the problem recently, and Sherman indeed had his own appeal upheld in 2012, which would have seen him serve a four game ban.

“Those are the simplest rules ever. But guys have really embraced it this year and really taken care of one another, made sure that we kept one another out of trouble and made good decisions all year long. That’s what it came out to. It came out in a meeting earlier in the season with all the nonsense that was going on, and guys really made a point to correct the mistakes that other guys had made and make sure they’re accountable for their actions.” said Sherman.

Now, it’s a well known fact that Peyton Manning is not a very mobile quarterback, never has been. So it wasn’t a great surprise when Seahawks’ coach Pete Carroll stated that they “need to move” Manning early.

Defensive coordinator Dan Quinn went a little further in his thoughts about how to possibly disrupt the Manning machine.

“He has just great mental quickness and knows where to go with his eyes,” said Quinn. “This is going to sound obvious, but he throws to the guy that’s open. It’s not quite that easy, but how does he keep getting it to the right spot, to the right guy?”

So will man-to-man coverage be the best way forward to stop getting the ball to the open guy?

“If we can hold that extra click, that’s what we know is important to us.” said Quinn.

One factor is being overlooked as we head into the game. We know how good the Denver offence is, likewise how awesome the Seattle Defence are.

The Seahawks also can move the ball quite handily themselves, so how do the Broncos D fair amid all this. Well, they are flying under the radar, but one man is making great strides to put them in plain sight come Sunday evening.

Terrance Knighton, or “Pot Roast” as he is now becoming more commonly known as, has helped put a certain injury to Von Miller to the back of Broncos fans minds.

“He’s an athlete. He may have a mass to him, but he’s got hands. He’s got feet,” defensive line coach Jay Rodgers said. “I guarantee you he could probably dunk a basketball back in his day. The guy played wide receiver when he was in high school. I mean, he’s just an athlete. That’s just his natural god-given ability.”

If Knighton’s stock continues to rise through Sunday then it’s the Denver D that could be the talk of the town.

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