NFL Tweets of the Week: Jan 23rd – 29th

You could be forgiven if you thought the Super Bowl was the only thing going on in and around the NFL this week. Well, you are wrong, and Lauren Draper-Wood shows us in the form of tweets.

The Super Bowl can bring out the gambler in the best of us; boxer Floyd Mayweather raided his piggy bank to bet over $10m on a Broncos win. No pressure Peyton, but you won’t want to upset him!

All eyes were on Richard Sherman at media day.

Dallas WR Cole Beasley is fed up with the comparisons to Wes Welker; at least he’s not on the wrong side of Bill Belichick…yet.

From the cusp of being fired, to a contract reneweal. Ron Rivera will continue to lead the Panthers revival.

The Dolphins announce Hickey as GM; he’ll be tasked with the difficult task of finding harmony amongst the roster troubled by bullying accusations all season.

Houston Texans fans are desperate to see their side draft Jonny Football come May; can they resist Clowney or perhaps the “safer” option of Bridgewater?

Ex Lions man Jim Schwartz was this week named DC of the Buffalo Bills; adds some fantastic experience to an already solid D.

The Oakland Raiders have been handed a lawsuit by their own Cheerleaders. The Raiderettes claim they receive unfair pay and unreasonable etiquette guidelines.

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