NFL 2013 Team Rankings: Week 10 Summary

Week 10 of the 2013 NFL season is in the books, and it was another one full of twists and turns. One of first wins, and huge losses. What though does it mean for the exclusive Power Rankings.

For the first time the Broncos did not extend their lead at the top, they won their game, but it was the first time they failed to score 30 points on the field and this had a knock on effect in their points tally in the rankings. Their lead at the top was cut by just two points, but it was the team now in 3rd place that made the most impact.

The New Orleans Saints led the Dallas Cowboys on a merry dance down Bourbon Street and this earned them a season high of 42 points. The 5-5 Eagles are soaring the most though after a great win on the road they are this week’s biggest risers, up 8 to 4th.

At the other end of the ladder the bottom 3 remain the same despite all winning, and now they will look to gain ground on the teams just above, the Texans, Falcons and Raiders.

There are some great matchups this coming weekend and they will ensure further changes in the rankings, so check back next week to see how your team fared.

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