If the NFL playoffs started today…

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! May your day go well wherever you are, and that you enjoy all the festivities that this day brings.

Of course while you sit down and enjoy your turkey dinner there is plenty of NFL action to accompany your main course.

It is at this time of year that the playoff picture starts to clear up a bit – or at least we get some kind of idea as to who will be extending their season through January. This year though, perhaps more than ever the picture is cloudy. All 32 teams are still mathematically in with a chance of postseason play.

So before today’s games here is the playoff scenario if they started today.

1. BRONCOS 9-2
3. COLTS 7-4
4. BENGALS 7-4
5. CHIEFS 9-2
6. TITANS 5-6

In the hunt – Steelers, Ravens, Chargers, Jets, Dolphins all 5-6, Raiders, Browns, Bills all 4-7.

This means Denver and New England get the all important bye week. The Wild Card games would be Tennessee @ Indianapolis and Kansas City @ Cincinnati.

1. SEAHAWKS 10-1
2. SAINTS 9-2
3. LIONS 6-5
4. COWBOYS 6=5
6. 49ERS 7-4

In the hunt – Cardinals 7-4, Eagles, Bears both 6-5, Packers 5-5-1, Rams 5-6, Giants 4-7.

So Seattle and New Orleans get the bye. Wild Card weekend would feature San Francisco @ Detroit and Carolina @ Dallas.

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