Fab takes the Olympic spirit into the new season

Speaking before the first game of the new BBL season, Newcastle Eagles’ Fab Flournoy is keen ride the Summer’s Olympic feel good wave all through the BBL season.

The already inspirational player/coach is feeling even more inspired after his media work placed in the epicentre of the London Olympics.

Fab said, “We had a fantastic year of sport. You’ll have all been aware of the Olympics in some way, shape of form. I had the pleasure of being a part of that so I experienced it up close.

“There was a real feel good factor. The one thing that the London Olympics tried to do was inspire a generation of young people. I’m not young but I was inspired, much more after seeing different sports, a different ethos. I realised that it was not just the young would could be inspired it was everyone. Sport does so much. It teaches you how to work, sportsmanship, bonds between sportsmen and coaches, teamwork, competition and humility.”

Fab continued, “On TV you see the winners with their medals, people who have dedicated their lives to success but there are also stories of the people who finished fifth, eighth, people who simply finished their race. People who it meant the world to compete and finish an event at the Olympics.”

His final words may be difficult reading for BBL opponents, “I’m planning to take this inspiration into this year. My approach is to work as hard and become as strong as I possibly can and do everything I can to help others to achieve these goals too. I aim for us to start the season putting it all on the line, every second, every minute, every game and every practice.”

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