Channel 4: The original home of the Super Bowl

On Thursday Channel 4 officially launched their Super Bowl weekend, with the help of some well known faces.

Vernon Kay, presenter of the Channel 4 highlights package hosted a launch event Thursday lunchtime that got everyone in the mood for the game on Sunday. Those of you that have followed the game since it arrived on our shores back in the early 80s would only have seen the game on Channel 4. It was a new station that prided itself on bringing us new types of entertainment, they took a calculated gamble on the NFL package and the rest is history. As time wore on, the appeal wore off for some, but Kay’s enthusiasm is as rich as anyone who has followed since then, and despite the glorious coverage we have every week on Sky, and Absolute Radio, it just seems right that Channel 4 has the Super Bowl back on our screens.

On hand to help remind us why we love the game so much were a dozen Jacksonville Jaguars “Roar” cheerleaders, and three players from their current roster. Of course, we are going to be seeing a lot more of the Jags over the coming years having played one of their four-game commitment last year, and they certainly seemed to be looking forward to this year’s trip to come in November when they “host” the Dallas Cowboys at Wembley Stadium.


Will Rackley, Brandon Deadrick and Cam Bradfield had literally just stepped off the plane only to be whisked to the Channel 4 studios for this presentation, they seemed more than happy to be here, and they will be worked hard over the coming days with lots of media work, some coaching, as well as attending the Super Bash on Sunday night. Do they have a curfew time if they are on official team business?

Come Sunday night you will have a choice as to which presentation you prefer. You may like the Cadle/Reynolds/Reinebold trio, but this is the return of an old favourite. Settle back then and enjoy Kay/Murray/Carlson/Coombs. Super Bowl is back where it all began.

Welcome home old friend.

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