BAFA Timeout – Weaving a dual path in the sport

In our continuing build up to the British gridiron season we have been fortunate enough to grab some time with a very active player, Sophie Weaver.

Currently playing for two sides, the Kent Exiles and Southampton Stags this is her story.

A familiar start in the playing career of Sophie Weaver: “I have been watching NFL since I was a kid, and then was always having a throw about with mates at lunch time during school.

“In December 2012, I found out that we played in the UK. I went into the KCC (Kent County Council) website for sport and emailed both Maidstone Pumas and Kent Exiles about a women’s league.”

However the responses Sophie received were mixed to say the least.

“Pumas replied saying that there wasn’t (a women’s league) and they wouldn’t accept me (not in the nicest way), but Exiles stated there wasn’t, but were more then happy for me to train with them.”

With permission to train with the men, Sophie took them up on their offer. “I stared training with the Exiles in January 2013, and now play Defensive Back for them. Amazing team, love my Exiles!”

This new found love for the game it couldn’t get any better. Or could it? “During 2013 there was a post by BAFA about women’s football. So I attended the development days and now play for the Southampton Stags women’s team. Women’s football is currently the 5-a-side game.”

Sophie’s season will cross over as the Stags play in the Sapphire Series which doesn’t end until early May, while the new Exiles season starts on the same weekend as the Sapphire Finals day.

We wish Sophie well in her dual role, and thank her for her time.

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