UK American Sports Fans is a home for UK based North American sports fans online. We began life in 2011 as a website providing original content for UK fans by UK writers. Our content included news, views, previews, reports and features on UK Baseball, UK Basketball, UK Ice Hockey, UK American Football, Roller Derby and the major leagues in the USA and Canada. Many of our writers were accredited by the leagues they covered and UK team and league press offices supported us to enable our writers to bring you all the latest from in the UK.

You will still find our content in the archives when suggested links appear on new posts.

We wil continue to provide original content but our modus operandi has always been to build a UK American Sports Fan community and we have created this platform to help build that community. We hope you will join us. If you are already part of our community, thank you, we hope you are enjoying the site.

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